Catering to Local Tastes

Quiche, red bean pie, cabbage soup … not exactly what you’d expect from a quick-service restaurant company, right?

But those are actual menu items at McDonald’s restaurants around the world: You can order up a Quiche de Queijo (cheese quiche) in Brazil, Red Bean Pie in Hong Kong (where red beans are commonly used in desserts), and traditional Caldo Verde soup (made with cabbage, kale, onion, potato and chorizo) in Portugal.

Fear not, Big Mac lovers – you can still walk into almost any McDonald’s and get those two all-beef patties with special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions on a sesame-seed bun that you’ve come to know and love. (After all, we didn’t get to be a global company by losing sight of what made us successful in the first place.)
But we also understand that tastes vary around the globe. That’s why, in many markets, we supplement our iconic menu items with distinctive offerings that embrace local tastes. But instead of simply duplicating local favorites, we take what’s familiar and put a McDonald’s twist on it.


McDonald's Offers Fruit in Every Happy Meal

Today, McDonald’s restaurants of the Greater Philadelphia Region launched a new Happy Meal in support of the company’s recently announced ‘Commitments to Offer Improved Nutrition Choice’ which strive to help customers – especially children and families – make nutrition-minded choices whether visiting McDonald’s or elsewhere.


Was the Cheeseburger all a Big Mistake?

The cheeseburger is probably one of the most popular dishes of all time.

Now a restaurant in Pasadena, California, has claimed that it was in its kitchen that the sandwich was first invented, in the late 1920s.


Burger King Test Deliveries In The US

Burger King Corp. is weighing the addition of a delivery option to its restaurants in the United States, a convenience the chain has long offered in several countries overseas.


Bacon, Cheddar Atop BK's New Toppers Burger

Burger King restaurants added a new layer of flavor to their value offerings with the new Bacon and Cheddar BK Toppers Burger, its newest flame-grilled burger appearing on menus nationwide. This signature burger is 3.2 ounces of 100 percent flame-grilled beef and is topped with a combination of thick-cut, hardwood smoked bacon and Cheddar cheese on a sesame seed bun. The Bacon and Cheddar BK Toppers Burger is available at participating Burger King restaurants nationwide at a suggested retail price of $1.99.


Flat Sales at McDonald's as spend at outlets falls

However, strong growth in its coffee products is expected to keep turnover levels steady this year.

While the fast-food restaurant saw an increase in customers last year – it served an extra 920,000 customers compared with 2009 – turnover grew by just 1 per cent to €202 million. This indicates an average turnover of €2.6 million in each restaurant.


Deep-fried Delights are taken to a new level!

So, you thought deep-fried Mars Bars were unhealthy? A Scottish bar serves up deep-fried butter. It’s been dubbed a ‘coronary on a plate’ and is unlikely to be found on any fine-dining menu.

But chefs at one Edinburgh bar are confident their calorie-drenched answer to the deep-fried Mars bar – battered butter balls – will be a real hit with the customers.Already popular in the US, the dessert has been given a Scottish twist by cooking the balls in Irn Bru batter.


Burger King Offers 'Pizza-size Burgers' in Japan

Last year Burger King exported its multi-serving NY Pizza Burger from its Whopper Bar in New York City’s Times Square to Japan, where the giant was sold as a Christmas holiday specialty. The novelty burger was enough of a hit that Burger King is reviving the “super size” holiday promotion in Japan.


McDonalds Launches Christmas Advert

McDonalds yesterday launched its Christmas advert, created by Leo Burnett, ahead of the launch of the fast food restaurant’s Christmas menu today.


McRib Hits McDonalds Menus

Boneless pork and barbecue-sauce-loving fans have reason to rejoice today. For the second time in as many years, the McRib sandwich has returned nationwide to participating McDonald’s restaurants through November 14