Chains Bank on Proven Menu Winners

Given an economic environment that McDonald’s Corp. CEO Don Thompson recently called “uncertain and fragile,” chains are trying to minimize the uncertainty by bring back limited-time-offer burgers that customers already have shown they will buy. Chains are going back five years or even more to find once-popular foods worthy of return engagements rather than constantly gamble solely on totally new menu items.


KFC Introduce A New Ginger Fried Chicken

Tinkering with the Colonel’s chicken seems to be the norm at KFC Japan. Most recently, they’ve introduced new Ginger Salt Fried Chicken (previously they offered chicken with a rice breading).

The chicken is flecked with black sesame seeds and comes with a ginger seasoning packet to sprinkle on before eating for more ginger flavor


Burger King preps customers experience overhaul

Burger King Corporation is to improve the speed of service and quality of food at restaurants by rolling out a nationwide customer insight programme, as it looks to gain market share from rival McDonald’s.

Customers can take part in the scheme by completing an online survey, which is accessed by entering a code on a pre-printed till receipt.


McDonald's promotes taste of the world menu

McDonald’s to launch Tastes of the World menu.

The menu returns to McDonald’s stores with the Spanish Grande, Australian BBQ Supreme, Chilli and Cheese Mexican and Chicken and Chutney Indian burgers


Winging It

Chicken wings are showing up on more quick-serve menus, and not just during football season. Wings are showing up on menus at concepts one might otherwise not expect to carry them. For example, Veggie Grill, a sandwich and burger concept, added wings in the spring of 2011.


KFC looks to differentiate with Dip’ems

KFC has continued its strategy to introduce snack products through integrated marketing campaigns with the launch of Dip’ems, a repackaging of its Extra Crispy chicken tenders with a sauce lineup featuring three new varieties


Burger King's New Whooper

Burger King is heading north for the winter. The chain that created the Carolina BBQ Whopper and Texas BBQ Whopper for its summer menu and then focused on chicken rather than burgers for its fall menu is going back to burgers and going north. Sources say a new Whopper topped with Wisconsin white Cheddar cheese is coming soon to Burger King’s menu


Night Time Trade Presents A Big Opportunity For Business

>Food Businesses are being called to stay open later in a bid to capitalise on the £66bn night time trade.

According to the national tourist board, night time trade is key to boosting tourism, accounting for nearly a third of the town and city centre turnover.


Gordan Ramsey Opens A New Fast Food Diner in Los Angeles

>Fresh from opening a Las Vegas steakhouse, Gordon Ramsay last week opened The Fat Cow in Los Angeles, a “neighborhood gathering place” that marks a more casual shift for the television chef known for his high-end restaurants around the world