The New Pizza Burger

Created by Boston’s Restaurant and Sports Bar, the pepperoni pizza-wrapped bacon cheeseburger packs a walloping 1,360 calories and 2,000 milligrams of sodium. Available now in the chain’s 40 US restaurants, it was initially launched at a Canadian subsidiary.

Like a calzone: The burger is baked inside thee pizza and comes out like a calzone


Nando’s revealed as Britain’s most popular casual dining concept

Nando’s, the fast-casual Portuguese chicken restaurant chain, has topped the eating-out popularity stakes, with more people choosing to eat at one of its sites than at any other major restaurant or pub brand.

More diners are choosing to eat at Nando’s than at any other major restaurant or pub brand in the UK
Figures from the latest Peach BrandTrack research show that, when asked which would be their first choice to eat, if all were in the same location, 10.8 per cent of consumers picked Nando’s from a list of 15 leading pub and casual dining brands


Is a Tzatziki McWrap Next?

McDonald’s new Premium McWrap is more than a new menu item, it is, in restaurant parlance, a new “platform,” meaning different varieties can be added. Part of its appeal is that almost anything can be rolled in a flour tortilla and added as a McWrap LTO without requiring major crew retraining.


Burger King McRib Challenger To Debut On Summer Menu

Burger King this week will announce new summer menu LTOs that include the returns of the Carolina BBQ Whopper/Chicken and Memphis Pulled Pork sandwiches. But there will be one audacious difference: The menu includes a boneless BK Rib Sandwich that can be seen as an answer to rival McDonald’s popular McRib.McRib first appeared on the McDonald’s menu as a limited-time offer in 1981. It was offered in the U.S. back in December. Since its creation, it has reappeared irregularly while building a very loyal fan base (see @McRibWatch on Twitter) that clamors for it to be offered permanently. Its popularity is global. McDonald’s stores in Austria last year introduced a deep-fried-patty version called McRibster.


The McDonalds Great Tastes of America Menu

It’s back by popular demand! The McDonald’s “Great Tastes of America” promotion is once again running throughout the month of May and June across Ireland and the UK.

The marketing team at McDonald’s have once again tapped into and satisfied the demands of consumers here in Ireland, a group who continue to grow more adventurous in the their choice of fast food, seeking out a range of new and exciting flavors from around the globe.


New Product Development: Diners are Loyal to Quality, Not Deals!

Diners are acutely price-conscious now but their dining preferences may be less strongly determined by promotional or price offers than some operators appear to believe. The NPD Group’s new report, “Defining Value Today: How Consumers Choose to Eat Out,” finds that loyalty keeps many diners returning to their favorite spot no matter what.


Burger King Stuffs Its Menu

Burger King Bacon Cheddar Stuffed

Burger King’s Spring Menu for 2013 explodes in literally a dozen directions like fireworks. As tipped last week, new menu items include a Chipotle Whopper and Donut Holes. But this menu flies all over the board: there are a stuffed beef burger, regular beef burger, turkey and chicken sandwiches plus a chicken wrap. It includes drinks both cold and hot and a snackable dessert. It’s as though Burger King is saying, “Surely there must be something here you’ll like.”

Perhaps so. Here’s the lineup, piece by piece


Eating out spend doubles in ten years

Spending in restaurants, takeaways and cafés has more than doubled (+102%) in the last decade, according to a new report by the Payments Council in the UK