The World Has Gone Mobile, So Should Your Food Business

The online food ordering revolution has been moving at breakneck speed in the last few years. The Just Eat app has been downloaded over 850,000 times in Ireland since it was launched; their profits last year were 164% higher than the previous year! Fast Food Chain KFC has achieved 12.5% store revenue growth by utilising its own branded online ordering app and online promotions.

Supercharge Your Sales And Regain Access to Your Customers

How Having Your Own Mobile App Can Help Your Takeaway Business

✔ Improve the customer relationship and satisfaction

✔ Increase brand awareness

✔ Improve retention of existing customers

✔ Grow customer spend per order

✔ Increase repeat orders

✔ Save money on online transaction fees

✔ Run an easy-to-manage loyalty program

✔ Connect to your customers on a new level

✔ Reduce staff time & order errors over the phone

✔ Most of all, increase your revenue


If you are tired of paying expensive fees to 3rd party online ordering portals and want to take back control of your takeaway customers, you need your own branded app & website.

To help our loyal customers make the most of the online ordering opportunities today, Kepak Foodservice has partnered with Flipdish – the market leaders in branded ordering apps and websites.

Meet Ben Macari

Owner of Macari’s

Ben used to send all his customers who wanted to order on their smartphones to a 3rd party aggregator. He didn’t realise that he was sending them to a place that also listed his competitors. He was losing his loyal customers, and any orders his did receive, cost him over 13% of the sale price.

But then Ben discovered Flipdish. The fastest app technology and web ordering platform on the market. Flipdish helped him regain control of his sales and marketing channels with his very own branded apps for iOS and Android and his very own ordering website. And it didn’t break the bank! Dedicated Flipdish customer success agents helped Ben re-engage his customers and migrate them back from the expensive 3rd parties. Once Ben’s customers returned, Flipdish helped him keep them, for good. Ben now receives 100% of his online orders on his own platform, has increased sales over 25%, and is saving 1000s on fees.



Let us help you go mobile, quickly, easily and inexpensively.

The setup with Flipdish couldn’t be easier.
Contact our sales team and we’ll have your app and website ready within 2 weeks.