Hotdogs and Champagne… The Rise of Gourmet Junk Food

Just 12 months ago we were expected to swallow the idea of a fancy burger for €8, and not even get a portion of chips for that price. This year, the traditional fast food staples of fried chicken and hotdogs are getting the gastro treatment, also with price tags to match. Foodie joints are opening, with only a cursory nod to their poor relations over at Chicken Cottage, KFC or the mobile stalls selling greasy onion-topped hotdogs outside clubs at two in the morning


Summer Magic: Burger King Rolls Out BBQ Menu

Burger King’s newfound ambitiousness continues to surprise. The chain announced a new summer menu that includes not just the rollout of the Carolina BBQ Whopper as predicted here earlier this week, but a rolling series of limited-time items that includes all of the products it had tested earlier this year in Nashville, including the much ballyhooed Bacon Sundae and a pulled-pork sandwich.


Dublin scores on Club Sambo index

Dublin is one of the cheapest cities in which to buy that global hotel menu classic, the club sandwich, according to an index released today.


Ireland's best chips

The votes have been counted, and the best chips in Ireland, according to our readers who voted by email and on Facebook, are to be found at McDonagh’s, Quay Street, Galway and Jackie Lennox’s, Bandon Road, Cork.


Meet the new menu at Burger King

Burger King debuted Monday its biggest menu expansion in the chain’s 58-year history, with new items that are already familiar in the quick-service world but that Burger King hopes to position as “best in class.”


McDonald’s puts €200m Irish produce on the menu

Exports of Irish produce for use in McDonald’s restaurants throughout Europe increased by 25% in three years to €200m a year, the company disclosed yesterday.

McDonald’s Restaurants of Ireland said it grew its exports of Irish produce to €200m in 2011, up €40m since 2008. One in every five McDonald’s burgers sold in Europe is made from Irish beef.


McRib 2.0: Meet McDonald’s McRibster

McDonald’s doesn’t often mess around with signature menu items. The Big Mac and Quarter Pounder don’t change. I’d have put the McRib among the iconic untouchables except McDonald’s just messed with it.


KFC launch BBQ Rancher

Almost 12 months ago we saw the launch of the Brazer, a griddled chicken breast which was available as a Burger, Twister and Salad. Whilst initial market test’s were promising the Brazer has slipped into oblivion with sales figures failing to deliver as expected. A hard to eat burger with too much bun, a relatively tasteless twister and at best a bland salad have all led to the plug being pulled on the Brazer. However after such a large investment it was inevitable that we would see another attempt at a griddled piece of chicken….


Catering to Local Tastes

Quiche, red bean pie, cabbage soup … not exactly what you’d expect from a quick-service restaurant company, right?

But those are actual menu items at McDonald’s restaurants around the world: You can order up a Quiche de Queijo (cheese quiche) in Brazil, Red Bean Pie in Hong Kong (where red beans are commonly used in desserts), and traditional Caldo Verde soup (made with cabbage, kale, onion, potato and chorizo) in Portugal.

Fear not, Big Mac lovers – you can still walk into almost any McDonald’s and get those two all-beef patties with special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions on a sesame-seed bun that you’ve come to know and love. (After all, we didn’t get to be a global company by losing sight of what made us successful in the first place.)
But we also understand that tastes vary around the globe. That’s why, in many markets, we supplement our iconic menu items with distinctive offerings that embrace local tastes. But instead of simply duplicating local favorites, we take what’s familiar and put a McDonald’s twist on it.