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Last year Burger King exported its multi-serving NY Pizza Burger from its Whopper Bar in New York City’s Times Square to Japan, where the giant was sold as a Christmas holiday specialty. The novelty burger was enough of a hit that Burger King is reviving the “super size” holiday promotion in Japan.

This time Burger King announced it will sell two “Pizza-Size Burgers,” a pair of dinner-plate-size, 22-centimeter-across (8.7 inches) burgers in “Fresh Avocado” (with jalapeños) and “Cheese Nacho” varieties. Lettuce, tomato and mayo dress both multi-patty versions. The giant burgers, meant to be sliced into four wedges like a pizza, will be available from Dec. 8 to Dec. 22 and are priced at ¥1,680 ($21.51) apiece for the burgers alone.

Also available for advance ordering is a multi-item BK Party Set. It includes one Pizza-Size Burger plus four soft drinks, one serving of fries, one serving of onion rings and one serving (four) of chicken wings. This is priced at ¥2,680 ($34.32). On a budget? Go for the Party Set without soft drinks for ¥2,380 (€22.72).

Both BK Party Set meals can be ordered now until Dec. 22 for pickup between Dec. 8 and Christmas. It’s requested that customers place their order at least two days ahead of pickup date.

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